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Using Technology and Experience to Find You the Best Candidates for Your Project

Essential Discovery has a process-driven approach that allows us to identify and staff top-tier reviewers. Our team of recruiting and project management professionals have years of document review experience and match the best candidates for the project requirements using our proprietary database.

As reflected by the graph below, prior to placement, each of our candidates undergoes a rigorous screening process, including: 1) In-depth telephone screening; 2) In-person or Video-conference interview; 3) Professional reference checks; 4) Conflict of interest screening; and 5) Bar status verification. Once attorneys are placed a project, we conduct performance reviews to ensure that every team member performs at the highest level possible. We will also run criminal background checks at a client’s request.

Once a candidate is placed on a project, we continually evaluate their performance throughout the review. Our proprietary reviewer evaluation process focuses primarily on speed, accuracy, and interpersonal skills. This further informs our decision regarding which candidates to place on particular projects in the future.