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Large Scale Multi-District Foreign Language Review

Client had collected over 20 million records, and over half of them were in a foreign language. This created an increased burden on outside counsel, given the overall volume of data and the foreign language component. In addition, it was necessary for outside counsel to implement a strategy aimed at decreasing the overall cost of the review. [Read More...]

Employment Matter

This particular client (the “Client”) was under a court order to produce sensitive documents in a wage and hour class-action lawsuit. These documents contained social security numbers, home addresses, pay rates and other highly-personal information pertaining to individual employees (the “Private Information”). This Private Information was not relevant to the case; however, these documents contained other relevant information that needed to be produced. Specifically, certain employee disciplinary reports – which were both required to be produced and of a particularly salacious nature – were at issue. For many of these employee disciplinary reports, the individual employee’s name was included in the title (e.g.,“Jane_Doe_Disciplinary_Report.pdf”). Client was concerned about producing any Private Information that might identify specific employees, or compromise an employee’s privacy. [Read More...]

Cost Savings

The Client was involved in the defense of a large-scale patent claim, and was dealing with both a fast-approaching production deadline and a voluminous data set. After the ESI vendor applied aggressive early case assessment techniques and limited the scope of thekeyword searches, there were approximately 500,000 remaining documents to be reviewed and 20 days before the production deadline. [Read More...]

Predictive Coding

This particular client (the “Client”) was facing rapidly-approaching and inflexible production deadlines – a mere 2 (two) weeks after the initial engagement of Essential Discovery – and an adverse party intent on driving up production costs. Consequently, the adverse party would not accept a production of documents that hit on keyword terms, and was requesting that the Client dramatically reduce the volume of produced data. The adverse party had previously complained to the Court about being flooded with documents. [Read More...]