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Client-Dedicated Project Managers

Our Project Managers have the expertise and training necessary to make sure your document review is optimized for efficiency and accuracy. These industry veterans have extensive experience managing complex review projects. In addition to a fundamental understanding of the different review platforms, our Project Managers know how to use different tools within the review platforms to organize documents efficiently and accelerate a review.

In coordination with our Director of Project Management and a client’s outside counsel, the Project Manager assigned to your matter can tailor and implement a quality control process that fits your specific case needs. In a typical review, we focus on ensuring redaction of trade secret information, identifying privileged documents, and correctly coding all key documents.

Our Project Managers also run reviewer metrics to gauge the productivity and accuracy of a review team. They then analyze and apply the results of the metrics to improve the review team’s overall review rate and work product. This includes monitoring and coaching individual reviewers to enhance their performance on a project.

The administrative role of our Project Managers also boosts the efficiency of a review project. The Project Managers serve as a liaison between the review team, law firm, and data vendor. By effectively disseminating information both to and from the review team, our Project Managers ensure documents are accurately coded, deadlines are met, and review rates are maximized.

  • Perform basic administrative functions within Relativity databases including persistent highlighting, creating coding panels, and saved searches
  • Train review teams and clients regarding end-user applications of review tools, including Relativity
  • Draft and produce privilege logs by leveraging platforms’ advanced tools
  • Author coding sheets based upon RFPs and input from client’s counsel
  • Cull database by identifying large quantities of data that can be bulked coded, thereby drastically decreasing the population of documents to be reviewed
  • Maintain and manage question logs
  • Identify and draft memos regarding relevant documents in preparation of depositions, motions, and trials for client’s counsel
  • Establish and implement review rules for client’s counsel
  • Create production batches for client’s counsel to review and produce